Put On The Red Ones

This is about a relationship gone from bad to really bad.


Very cool piece of music…dunno why but it made think of pier 9 in Chicago …(jazz club) very nice feel about it and a few laughs along the way…well done…Kevin

That immediately got my attention! I can totally relate… before I even heard the tune! Written my fair share on this topic in the past. :slight_smile:

Anyway I like this - a cool bluesy/jazzy vibe and a touch of humour too! nice :slight_smile: I tended to go angry or sad but this is more refreshing and lighthearted. Mix sounds good in my cans (at work… shh!) and I like the vocalist… nice timbre. You?

Killer again, did you mix?

Thanks for listening. I recorded all the parts except for keys and drums and mixed in my bedroom .

Good one. The mix sounds great to me.

got a chuckle on this one (i’m married to a little commie)… enjoyed the song and you did a real nice job on the mix!


Cool tune. Liked it a lot. Nice touch with the horn at the end. It comes in like it was there the whole time :slight_smile: