Putting a meter in a text frame

I’m creating a test for my Theory I class on Rhythm and Meter. I’m trying to put time signatures in a text frame so I can make a chart they have to fill out, similar to an assignment they did. I can’t find anything in the documentation or on the forum to say how to do this. I tried using the FiguratoMac font, and had a degree of success, but the line spacing was too great. Anyone have any ideas that don’t make me have to create a graphic in another program and having to import it to Dorico? This seems like it should be something that I should be able to do, and is one of the many reasons that I left another program. I’m hoping someone has an idea short of printing it off and writing them in. Thanks in advance for any consideration on this. I really hope I’ve just missed something.


If you check SMuFL, there are numerical glyphs for time signatures both top and bottom. Using them in conjunction works out the spacing automatically.