Putting back the flow title

Hi everyone,

I’ve created a project where I deleted the flow title at page one to keep only the project title. Now I realize I want it back. Is there a quick way to get it back without creating a new frame manually and typing {@flowNumber@}. {@flowTitle@}?


If you deleted it by deleting the Flow Heading, the obvious thing to do is go to Engrave mode, right-click on page 1 (in the top of the right panel) and click Remove Page Override(s). Note: this is not the same thing as Remove All Page Overrides.
This will restore page one to its defaults.

In future, if you don’t want to show the Flow Heading, go to Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows and set “Show flow headings” to “Never” or “Not for first flow”.

It’s working! Thanks a lot!