Putting in accidentals afterwards

In my opinion, it would be very cool, to be able, to put an accidental to a note AFTER tying it WITHOUT leaving the note input mode.

(Sorry, I try to translate the German menu commands.)



You can do this by repitching the note using Shift+Alt+up/down arrow to raise or lower it by a semitone, which is maybe not exactly what you want, but might be better than leaving note input mode altogether.

Maybe shift+alt+up down could run through the enharmonics rather than making key signature choices?
In the context of altering a single note (rather than a general respelling) the key signature defaults mean less.

ALT-=equal and ALT-minus already give enharmonic transposition

(equal & + keys are the same on a US /UK keyboard)

Thanks for the reply. It works in most cases.

“ALT-=equal and ALT-minus already give enharmonic transposition”

Slightly different from what I was suggesting, which was that the raising or lowering by a semitone also flipped through enharmonic options (at least sharps, flats and naturals).