Putting separate Dorico instruments into the same Dorico file

I have, for a special reason (having to do with creating chord symbols) made a set of instruments (piano, clarinet, cornet, trombone, tuba, banjo, drum-set), each as a separate Dorico file. I now wish to combine these 7 Dorico files into a single Dorico file, if possible. Is there a way of doing it? The idea is that each instrument then shows up in the single Dorico file as one of separate instruments in Setup, Write, Engrave, … and so on, allowing the entire set to play back and printed as usual.


Hi Norm! Do you mean you created parts in separate project files and now you want to combine them in a score? I think Copy & Paste is the best we can do. Choose a part that has all the important info (chord symbols, certainly), and in Setup add players for the other instruments. Then in each part: select the first bar, Select to End of Flow*, Copy, switch to the score, select the first bar rest of that instrument, and Paste.

(* rather than Select All, or selecting with the system track, both of which select system objects such as meters which you don’t need)

You can import flows from other projects into one project, which retains all musical information (players, instruments, notes, notations etc) but won’t retain all formatting, as that comes from the “host” project. (Although any global properties and local properties set globally are retained when you import flows.)

If you want each instrument to have all 7 pieces in their part layout, you can use the option to merge players when you import.

Thanks Lillie, but I’m having difficulty with import flows. The problem is that the flows I want to merge into one project each have sections with chord symbols that occur in each of the separate projects but not in the import flows project. (This actually causes a headache for me, since creating chord symbols takes a lot of time, and they don’t always follow in copies of a flow: I know this is a separate problem, but it does get in the way! In fact, this is why I had to make each instrument as a separate file – which works; but now I want to go back to a multi-set of instruments in the same project, which doesn’t seem to work.)

Is there a way of keeping chord symbols “in place”, once made? Thanks for whatever help you can give.


In your separate files for each instrument, you could make each of the chord symbols local (by opening the popover and confirming it with Alt-Enter rather than Enter), then try copying and pasting into your destination score project. You’ll need to do this for every chord symbol that differs from instrument to instrument, so in future it’s probably easier to write all the instruments in the same flow, in the same project, and use chord symbols locally from the start.