Putting spaces between faders in mixconsole

I have Cubase 10.5. In the mixconsole, I have instruments from multiple vendors being displayed. I would like to separate each group of vendor instruments from each other with a small space in between each group of vendor instruments. Many thanks in advance…

I’m no expert having just upgraded to 10.5 but could you create an empty track in the Project area and color it so it looks like a “spacer” of sorts?

I don’t believe that is possible in any of the 3 Mix consoles. You can however make use of zones which will manifest 3 areas with very small separation…a left, middle, and right separation.

I think what you describe would be nice, however I have to question feature requests like this because compared to other DAW’s, Cubase is already loaded in the GUI department, and it generates IMO too many issues because of it’s huge GUI feature set. When you start using 3 mix consoles, link some but leave 1 unlinked, plus use of the mix consoles left zones, it can become a mess or manifest other GUI problems, especially horizontal zooming/unzooming the console width etc. A long standing feature request is independent organization of mix console channels, and even that hasn’t happened.