Putting the layout of a part back to how Dorico did it originally

This is a thing I can’t find any method of doing. What I’d like is basically to be able to undo changes to a part (including all inserted frame breaks and system breaks) so it is back to how Dorico originally laid it out.

The problem is that deleting the inserted system and frame breaks at the signposts doesn’t have the desired effect. It just crowds the music into more and more inappropriately small spaces.

The part was originally laid out on three pages, with the third page only having one line of music. As this was unsatisfactory, I changed it so it fitted on to two pages. But now I’d like to go back the other way, and spread it out more openly on three pages. I’ve re-inserted the third page in Engrave mode, but the music does not flow back on to it. My music remains on two pages whatever I do, like there’s an invisible frame brake at the end which can’t be deleted.

Does anyone know a solution to this? How just to get Dorico to recalculate the whole part and spread it out on three pages as before?

You probably have the property “Wait for system (or frame) break” set on a frame break at the very start of the score. Select the signpost and inspect it in Engrave mode.

You can also select all of the break signposts (e.g. using Edit > Filter > All Breaks) and then hit Delete.

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If you’re going to delete frame and system breaks one-by-one, start with the ones at the beginning of the flow and work forward. That’ll prevent the crunch behavior caused by “wait for next…”

Or select a flagpole and use the keyboard shortcut Shift-Alt-A to select all similar and then hit Delete.

Is there a way to do this across all flows, or does it have to be done flow by flow?

You could always delete the layout and create a new one. By definition, that’s going to be with no manual adjustments.

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