Puzzled and dismayed

Dear Steinberg people, I am puzzled why after more than 2 weeks I still cannot get any help or response to my issue.
I will continue to post here and in other sections of the forum in the vain hope that a member of Steinberg will one day see my issue as a challenge and put some effort firstly into contacting me and secondly to try and help me.
Obviously there technical support is severely lacking in members or interest. Just look at the acknowledgement email you receive when you log an issue, you basically get an email no matter what time of year it is stating that you may have to wait for help due to the various music shows and events that go on very year. Also due to the bank holidays, again I think the same email goes out no matter when. Basically its a" dear customer we are too busy to consider helping you, we hope someone in the forum can help as this does not cost us" type of email.

By the way I have indeed had many suggestion from forum members, thanks. Unfortunately my issue still remains as I believe it requires an expert. As such I have invited Steinberg to take control of my machine and do any necessary work or investigations needed including a complete install. There are many others with similar situations and I would have thought this offer would be gladly accepted in the hope they could resolve other problems also. But as I said no reply.
I actually feel I have been blacklisted for some reason. Just a reply saying they are aware of the issue and are looking into it would be a start!!!

See http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=198&p=442106#p442106

sorry, but more than two weeks is simply unacceptable.

Yeah I think so but guess depends on how critical the issue is