Puzzling Audio Latency

Recording Prophet 6 to project, no plugins, 12 tracks.
I get unusable latency that doesn’t exist when I listen to the phones output or insert into new project.
Help appreciated. Thanks.


Do you have any plug-ins on the Stereo Out or Control Room by any chance?

What audio interface are you using? And what is your buffer setting?

Thanks, all, for the quick replies.

RME Digiface. 32. I had no problems recording anything in countless projects using the same setup.

Hmm…usually inconsistencies in output latency are due to plugins.

I would try the following “standard” trouble shooting techniques

  1. restart computer
  2. change buffer size
  3. Try recording on a different audio track
  4. try recording in a new session

If the issue persists I’m out of ideas, but maybe someone else can help.

One last thought, I know RME has TotalMix software. Maybe something got changed in there?

Thanks for the answers, rock and Martin.
Learn something new every day: I thought that in bypassing an effect I had on the stereo outs, it would be the same as removing it. Nope. I removed it and latency gone. I appreciate your fast answers!

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You can Deactivate the insert effect instead of bypassing it. If you do, it will not add any latency to the channel.

Right. Thanks.
If you read the above posts you’ll see that wasn’t my problem. There were no fx on that track and bypassing the effect on the Master stereo outs in the Mix Console did not solve the latency problem. Deleting it, however, did! I recorded without that effect and then reinserted it for the mix.
Hope my previous answer helps those with the same problem.


Deactivating the plug-in would solve the latency problem.

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Ah. Thanks. I didn’t realize that “deactivate” is different from”bypass”.

-Brian Wilson

Then you didn’t read what I wrote. :wink:

Thanks, mlib. Ah, yes. Even then I thought “deactivate” was a word for “remove”. I must have skipped that day of class. Thanks for the help!

-Brian Wilson