Puzzling .wav export file sizes

So I’m mixing down an album and I noticed something strange.

One track is 53.4 MB big, duration is 3:05.

Another track is 39.5 MB but this one is 3:43 long.

Both are wav. files, both 44.1/16 bit, I’ve exported the large track twice and the 53.4 MB size is the same each time. I’ve imported them back into Cubase and the files both check out - no added silence from a misplaced marker, etc.

As .wav files are lossless and uncompressed, I’m completely stumped as to why a shorter track should result in a larger file. I’m reluctant to send these files off to my publishers until i can figure this out. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thery certainly are not. If you´re talking ybout stereo files, then a (stereo) 44,1 kHz / 16 bit file has a size of approximately 31,12 MB
The other file size comes close for a (Stereo) file a 16 bit / 44,1 kHz

So, this is keeping you from making music in what way, exactly?

Where does the OP say it does…?

If the OP said it, brainiac, I wouldn’t be asking the question.

As i said, puzzling. Here’s what I see:
grab 1.jpg
grab 2.jpg

It’s keeping me from sending these tracks to publishers. Way easier to identify and fix before, rather than after they’re sent.

Well, while waiting for official answers (don’t hold your breath waiting for those), is there another program with which you could open them to examine possible problems (such as Wavelab)?

Quicktime shows properties identical to Cubase’s pool.

Garageband doesn’t give much info but the track is the correct length and plays back fine.

Try analysing the two mix files with the statistics function in the audio menu, it will give you the estimated bit depth of each file.

Do you not get any clues by going to Windows Explorer and right clicking on the affected files?

I think it’s on the ‘Summary’ tab.

Bit rate, sample size, # channels, sample rate, format etc.

Apologies if you’ve already been there to do the obvious.

It’s a Mac but yes, get info shows the problem too and confirms identical bit rates.


grab 4.jpg
I just exported the track again, same size.

The strange thing is that these tracks are piano only. Ivory on an instrument track, Reverence as a send, Ozone 3 on the output bus. The tempo does change, as with the 10 other tracks on the album but they seem to have consistent file sizes.

Can someone from steinberg comment? I can send the whole project folder, it’s only 1.9 MB.