Q about buying Halionsonic/upgrading from Hypersonic

Don’t know where to post this so I post it here.
I hope to get some help from a Steinberg representative…

I have installed the trial for Halionsonic and I am going to buy it.
But I don’t want to use the activation code feature since that costs me 1336 nok, while the upgrade from Hypersonic 2 which I own only will cost me 672.20 nok

What I can’t understand is why I instantly can download the permanent activation code for 1336 nok but will have to wait to get a hardcopy in the mail of the Halionsonic upgrade from Hypersonic 2 for 672.20

I don’t even need the hardcopy since the halionsonic dvds are included with Cubase 6! :open_mouth:

So… is there a reasonable way around this?
Can you make it possible for owners of hypersonic2 and C6 who already have the halionsonic dvds to vto just download an upgrade licence from hypersonic?
Must I really wait for snailmail to upgrade at the very attractive 672.20 nok price?

It would be nice to have this issue resolved since my demo period of Halionsonic expires in just some days.

All the best, Kim


Froggin strange that someone in the know can not say some words about this.

I’ve only been a faithful customer since 1999 or so :wink:

Kim, hrm

Halion Sonic is probably not on the database for upgrades as it is an old product.

It only came out in August 2010, its not exactly old yet…


I am asking for a downloadable license upgrade from Hypersonic 2 to Halionsonic instead of getting it in the snail-mail.
I already have the Halionsonic install dvds. They came with C6

For me the price to upgrade from hypersonic to halionsonic is about half of the “gentle offer” that steiny offers as the “very good price offer to all C6 customers for Halionsonic”

Clearer now?


Sorry I meant Hypersonic is probably too old to be on the database :blush:


Can someone from steiny please say something meaningful or do something with their webshop about this or are all connected to Steinberg more or less braindead when it does not come to programming in C sharp?


Marketing and web design division anyone


This is almost absurd


You pay out of your nose year after year…
When the time comes and you have a valid Q…

Scream it onto the mountain and get a faint echo back if that

That’s support for ya


the snailmail worked fine for me in France and I received my upgrade from Hypersonic to Halion Sonic in about 4 days. Why don’t you just go the snailmail route and be happy with the upgrade. Halion Sonic is very nice!