Q about MR816 daisychain with FW16e

My application is this:

Motif XF with FW16e interface connected to a MacBook Pro. This is a home hobby setup.

Currently using Live 8 as my primary DAW but trying to like Cubase AI5 more (ha ha) because of the AI integration with the Motif.

I still own a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 (8x8 analog plus stereo SPDIF), now using it strictly as mike preamps driving the stereo analog ins of the Motif (because Motif has no XLR ins or phantom power). I love the FW16e when tracking the Motif but it’s a step backwards when tracking analog sources. I could switch back to the Saffire for analog tracking but then I’m repatching, switching drivers, etc.

OK now my questions

  1. Audio quality
    The Focusrite sounds pretty good to me, reviewers all praise the pres, etc. Are the MR pres and A/D as good or better? Final D/A will be the Motif so the MR D/A quality is a non-issue.

  2. Daisy chaining/clocking
    Anyone actually daisy chained two Yamaha/Steinberg interfaces, does this really work as advertised? Any gotchas with clocking? Using Motif SPDIF with the Saffire, I had to set the Saffire to use the SPDIF clock or else I got clicking. I am not using word clock and probably never will.

  3. Cubase AI features
    With AI5 I’m partially crippled, no Control Room so I lose the intgrated monitoring functions unless I upgrade to Cubase 6 for $300 (ouch…this is a hobby setup). Is anyone so much in love with QC that they can’t live without it now? If it really speeds up tracking in Cubase that would be great as I find configuring tracks currently a hassle compared to the same in Live.

  4. CSX channel strips vs. REV-X
    How useful are these in mixdown vs. the extra $$$$? Do the strips sound any better than the Cubase EQ and compression? How much CPU will they save me? I read that when using no channel strips, CSX can have three REV-X instances during mixing…does that mean X has fewer REV-X instances? I already get one REV-X with the Motif for FX looping via FW16e.

  5. Wasting My Money
    Any MR owners have buyer’s remorse? Esp. if you were using a Saffire Pro 40 before :wink: or have an FW16e.

Thx in advance…