Q about the Arpache SX sequence called 'Tech Sequence 1'

This is not really a technical issue. I’m just throwing this out since I just need some information regarding a particular sequence pattern delivered with the Arpache SX called ‘Tech Sequence 1’.
It s a lovely pattern, and I’d like to use it in a piece of music I’m writing as the basis for a number of variations on a theme kinda thing. . .
First, since it comes factory delivered, I’m assuming there would be no intellectual property issues if I use that pattern; is that a correct assumption?
Secondly, I m wondering if it comes from another piece of music? and/or who wrote the original pattern? since I’d like to give them due credit in my piece, as in ‘Variations on a theme by . . .’ etc.
If anyone has any ideas . . . any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks much!


I too really like the Arpache SX. It can really transform a mediocre piano or synth piece into some excellent material. There is really no need to credit anyone for the pattern. Since I assume you are using this pattern with music you have composed yourself, this is simply one of the great features that come with Cubase! There are no intellectual property issues if you use that pattern, because it is an effect used along side your piece of music. I too wonder exactly who constructs these patterns, although I highly doubt that it was derived from another piece of music.

Also, since the Arpache SX really revolutionizes keyboard music especially, does anyone know if it is possible to show the changes it makes to the audio in the Score Editor? If not, I would love to see this work in the next Cubase with Arpache 5, Arpache SX, and Step Designer. Kinda like in Beat Designer where you can insert your beat in the Project window as an event. Wouldn’t that be awesome with Arpache??

Good luck,

Hey Bane,
Thanks for the response. That’s been my general take, but I was wondering how other people felt . . . As for an arp sequence, you can just ‘Merge Midi in Loop’ which would transform the the arpeggiator sequence into midi, then view in the score editor . . .

Sorry GregoryB for blatant hi-jack, but its not totally unrelated here - transforming phrases and so on…

So, anyone for getting the IPS back somehow…? Do you remember it…? Did you love it…? A bit bonkers I know, but my mate used to have lots of fun with it…! Very powerful tool…! :slight_smile:

Please add your support there if you wish…


(oh, and what little I’ve seen of it, the Arpache too seems powerful…!)

Yes, but only if you have the full version of Cubase. It has an option to bounce midi to midi including inserts.

I forgot all about this plugin lol. Is there a way to get the arp data dumped as notes in a midi track for further tweaking and editing? I made a very basic sequence which Arpache SX plays back, but when I select the midi merge in loop and pick inserts it simply creates a duplicate of the part I initially created with the 4 drawn in notes, not the actual arp data itself? Do you follow?

Try this. Use StepDesigner midi plugin inserted before Arpache in the midi track insert section.

Duplicate your sequence in StepDesigner.

Delete or remove any midi track fed from the arp you previously recorded.

Set loop markers, double click on the now empty track and create a new ‘empty’ midi loop.

Select the new ‘empty’ loop it and through the midi menu select ‘Freeze midi modifiers.’

You’ll see all your data now written to the new loop.

I think it works the same way if you send your sequence from another track into the track with Arpache inserted, but instead using Midi merge as you’re trying … but right at this moment I’m having trouble doing routing midi from one track to another with something else I’m working on.



I have followed your instructions exactly, but for some reason the data was not written in the loop. I don’t have any MIDI equipment connected to Cubase at the time, and I have never recorded anything MIDI with it. Could that be the problem? (I normally use MIDI plugins with the VST instruments.) I tried it with both an instrument track and a MIDI track and no luck. Or could it be that I only have Essential 5? Any guesses?

There really should be an easier way to get the arp data from arpache dumped as notes in a midi track within Cubase for further editing. I may get a nice loop going, but don’t want just that loop. Being able to change notes around here and there could really spice things up. Without proper arp note dumps however, this is impossible and frustrating. I completely forgot about this plugin, but now that I am into it again, I would like to get some real use of it with Halion 4.

Scratch that. Just got it working with instrument track! So excited!!!

In answer to the original question, I’m not sure - certainly some of the sequences are based on copyright material (Thriller and Cafe Del Mar spring to mind straight away), so who knows? Are you planning on having a worldwide hit then?

I’ve been fooling around with the Arpache today, and I found that if you leave your MIDI recording in and Freeze MIDI Modifiers while the Arpache is activated in the MIDI inserts, the changes the Arpache SX makes can be viewed in the event for further tweaking. I couldn’t find the Merge Midi in Loop, so I guess it’s only in the full version. :frowning:

Is this a discovery or was this understood to start with?
Depends on who you ask, I guess.

I did say it was only in the full version :wink:

Oh, so you were referring to the Merge MIDI in Loop button too. I thought you were talking about a Bounce MIDI button or something like that. Shows how much I know about the full version. :laughing:

Yeah well, I didn’t know the exact name of the function because I don’t have the full version either :wink:
I knew because I’ve wanted to do this in the past and ran into the same problem.

The midi plug-ins are probably the most over-looked and under-valued part of Cubase.

[Edit 12/09/11: Corrected step 4]

Little tutorial:

  1. open that tech sequence you like.
  2. look at the bottom right of ArpacheSX and you will see the name and how many bars the ‘midi file’ which the preset is based on is.
  3. draw a single note in Cubase on the midi track receiving the ArpacheSX output for as many bars as what you read in 2 above.
  4. leave the play type to Trigger from the drop down at the upper right (the default).
  5. ‘Freeze’ the track within a loop as long as the note in 3 above.
  6. absent the original note value, you will now see the midi file that the preset was based upon.
  7. now we are getting to the good part!
  8. make some variation of that midi file to taste, give it a new name, and then drag it back onto the right side of ArpacheSX.
  9. refer to 2 above, and see what is now written in the bottom right … voila! … your midi file variation which you can now save and name as your own ArpacheSX preset.
  10. that’s right, friends, you can ‘roll your own’ ArpacheSX sequence presets by importing and name/saving your own midi files.

If you liked this tutorial, please go to this thread in the forum [Feature Request] Update StepDesigner! - Steinberg Lounge - Steinberg Forums and vote for my feature request for StepSequencer!