Q: Anybody here using Waves InPhase plugin?

I have loaded this and it is working but it was a bit odd how I did it because Cubase 6.5.5 doesn’t have an AUX Bus capability - at least none that I can find.

The benefit of an AUX Bus - as found in PTs - is that you can isolate and send a track to either side (L/R) of it’s input. It’s very easy to do in PT, btw, and this is what the plugin demands if you want it to use it as intended. (Sidebar: Does Cubase 8 have AUX Bus channels?)

Back to the plugin, I created an EFX channel, panned the two bass tracks one hard L and one R, and sent the outs directly to the EFX channel and loaded the plugin on the 1st insert. It works but I’m curious if any of you have a different method? Thanks in advance.