Q: Can you record into existing regions?

Hello all, I just recently switched from Logic Pro 9 to Cubase 7 and was wondering if someone could tell me how to activate what was called “merge with selected regions” in Logic. Essentially I have an existing region and when I hit record it records into that region rather than creating a new one and then having to glue them together. Is there a way to do that in Cubase?

I’m no Logic user, but if it’s what I think it is, there isn’t a way. I’d love it if someone here would prove me wrong.

If you enable lanes and setup your recording mode properly, you can punch in and out in existing tracks and then use the comping tool. Not sure if this is what you mean, but keep in mind different Daws might do things in different ways and according to different philosophies. You need to take the time to learn a new DAW software and any quirks it might have; and not assume things should work the same as in your previous DAW.

I don’t think that’s it. I think they meant (at least I did) overdubbing into the same track.

Are we talking about MIDI here? If so, right click on the transport to select:

At least I meant Audio.

MIDI mode is set on the transport as Steve showed.
Audio options are also there.

With audio, a “region” refers to part of a clip (an audio file on your Hard Drive in the pool) with defined start and end points, etc. Shown in the Pool with (beneath) it’s parent clip.

So you can’t “record into” an existing audio file or “region”.

You may be talking about “parts” which, in the case of audio files are collections of “events” (defined parts of 1 or more clips on your timeline) which act like containers so you can move and edit all the events as one.

Can you record into an existing part?
Hmmmm . . Not sure.
See how much help I am?

It’s all - and more - in the manual.