'Q' Filter missing on Mac OS X?

Hi guys,

I apologize if this has been asked before, but the search function wasn’t being too helpful in this case - is the ‘Q’ Filter plugin not available to Mac users? I switched to Mac a few months ago but just now need to open some year-old sessions, in which I’ve used that plugin a LOT. It doesn’t seem to be available and as a result a lot of track levels and EQs are haywire.

Can anyone suggest a workaround, or will I need to go back to a Windows machine for this?

“Q” is PPC only

No wonder! I asked a bunch of people and they said they’re using it without any problems. They must all be on 10.6.x. Looks like I’m screwed though, i’ll need to exhume my windows machine all over again…

Aloha guys

This thread is a good example of why Apple should allow folks like
‘VMWare Fusion’ and ‘Parallels’ to sell a version(s) of software emulation
that goes all the way back to the first Mac.

Imagine one day you want/need to run some old tracks from Cubase 2.8
using a System 7.1 OS.

Would be very kool to do it on your current machine but Apple will
not let those guys sell it.

Maybe one day.