Q: Halion 4.5 and Halion Sonic TRIAL content

After installing my Cubase 6.5, I installed and activated the Halion Sonic Trial from the DVDs that came along with the package. THEN I purchased, installed and activated Halion 4.5. Does Halion 4.5 include all of the content of Halion Sonic (Trial), and -in any case- what happens to that content when the Trial period for Halion Sonic expires?

Halion 4.5 contains all the content from the full blown Halion Sonic as well as a bunch of its own. You lose absolutely nothing with Halion 4.5 over Halion Sonic and in fact, gain so much more.


Please tell me a little more…as the trial version does not reveal much additional content - I have HS and the Symphonic expansion. What is noticably ‘better’?

I’m particurlay interested in real instrument emulations with expression maps…

  • are there more acoustic and electric basses, brass solo instruments?

There are additional programs in Halion 4 (270 more than Halion Sonic to be exactly). But unfortunately for the “real instrument” emulations there aren’t any new sampled libraries (layers) to what you already have with Halion Sonic.
So apart from variations on existing layers, don’t expect totally new content.