Q: how do I zoom to cursor in Cubase 9 Pro?


I need to zoom in and out of an area in a song a lot for edits.

Now, if I’m listening to the playback and hear something, I would like to stop immediately and zoom into THAT position. Easiest would be to just ctrl-mouse wheel which also allows me to adjust the zoom level to whatever situation requires.

BUT like right now, I have the view so that I see the whole song, and the cursor is at 1:47. I hear a noise, and stop playback…how do I zoom ti JUST there? If I mouse zoom in, I’ll be looking at 3.10-3.12 area instead - ie. it zooms to center of my screen not to cursor.

Even more annoying is that now that I’ll zoom back out to see where it was going again, now it zooms AGAIN to the center of the - not the screen now but the PROJECT. And if I’m working with a 60-minute song,the part which I wanted to edit is now like half an inch at the extreme left of the screen.

With no way to smoothly scroll the project timeline (my shuttle jog wheel doesn’t work in 9 version any more), this eats up a LOT of time for me, constantly trying to locate the cursor and zoom to the correct place.

Is there a way to center the zooming into the cursor???


You can hold down H Key Command to Zoom In. Once Z hold it down, the command is triggered sequentialy.

Or you can use any Zoom Preset.

Thanks! That’s much better indeed!