Q: How do you become a Steinberg beta tester?

A: You probably already are!

Dammit, beat me to it!

I want to be a beta tester!!!


posts like this will not help to become a tester at Steinberg.

In the real world: write an email to info@steinberg.de

List your gear and what kind of projects you do.



I’m guessing a requirement would be to have a dongle?

I actually have a Steinberg Key for trial only software, so it doesn’t clutter my main dongle where my paid for applications and plugins are.

Question to Chris B. can old/inactive licenses be moved to another key by any chance?


with the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center you can delete “used” trial licenses from your key. Latst version can be downloaded from www.elcc.eu

Yes licences can also be transfered from key to key. Connect both key’s to the computer and open the eLicenser Control Center. You can transfer the licences by drag&drop



I love it how you took my sarcasm literally! :smiley:

Being a beta tester is like being a software developer’s dogsbody in my book. Yes you get to try out new software ahead of release but the novelty soon wears off! I’ve been there and done that!

Having been a beta tester for Addictive Drums, and having used that to aid in the construction of coherent mapping functionality, there are benefits to be had in the right circumstances. The function in AD that allows user mapping to the plugin, along with the learn function, were a direct result of this, and they have aided my workflow and enjoyment of the plug significantly.

Of course, it does depend on how much your input is taken on board. In the case of AD, it was because I had done a fair bit of work in mapping to AD in Cubase, and provided my maps and Logical Editor presets on the XLN forum, along with advice to users on various mapping related issues.

I remember requesting a function in Cubase that would be relatively simple to implement, and constitutes a great, usable idea, especially with the loss of backward compatibility that has ensued in the interim, yet still no sign of it.

Ah well.