Q: How to replace multiple Audio events on track


I am trying to find Cubase feature similar to “Replace region” in Pro Tools:
“Replace region” allows you replace multiple instances of an audio region in a playlist with another region.

Have the anybody experiance how to quickly replace multiple instances of an Audio event on track with another one (i.e. exchange samples)? I don’t want to put new sample and drag it 22 times to position on track again and again.


Trim the part to the exact size (whole bar for example) then use Edit>Duplicate (Cmd/Cntrl D by default) to copy as many times as you need.

Thanks ffg. You solution speed up work a little bit. But i am going to find something which can preserve, for example, swing offset applied on certain audio event.

Having one idea with custom groove templates. i.e.

  • Capture groove from track before replacing samples on it,
  • remove old samples and copy-paste n-times new samples,
  • finally apply previously captured groove (Audio Quantize).

Expected that new samples will be aligned to old positions. Gonna check it now…