Q : Lanes, Mixconsole, Toolbox, Trackbuttons/pics...


So I upgraded from cubase 5 to 8.5, and i gotta say there’s a lot of stuff i dont really like or dont really get yet. I’ve been spending the last two days trying to find answers to my questions, and while i resolved a lot of problems, i still have a long way to go, and I’d love to get some answers by more experienced users. Here are a few questions:

  1. I really have to get used to the new lanes and comping, but 1 thing seems really off to me:
    Let’s say I have 20 lanes for a certain track, and while after one minute into the song, all the lanes are filled with audio, at the begining, only lane number one is used. Trying to record new audio to the begining of the song has cubase record it on lane 20 instead of using all the available space above. This is creating so many superfluous lanes and makes the project really hard to work with. Is there any way to change that? Cubase 5 would just use the available space and record below the last used lane at that particular point in the song.

  2. In Variaudio, is there a way of hearing the whole note by just clicking on it? As of now, i have to keep the button down, of it will just play a small part of the note. The only way to hear the whole note is to hold shift, which i dont like anyways, but it’s even worse since shift is also the multiple selection control.

  3. Is there any way of resizing the left and right zones in the Mixconsole? In cubase 5 you could easily assign them (in that case your in and out tracks on the extremities of the mixer ) a certain amout of space, and if your tracks got to big for the space, you would just use a slider to navigate them.

  4. I would love to use about 30 seconds of audio prerecord constantly, but i am concerned about disk space. Is there a way of having cubase erase the parts of the clip that are not used in the actual project from the harddrive?

  5. How is the toolbox supposed to behave when you do a rightclick to open it? Sometimes it just stays open when i hold the mouse button, and sometimes it stays open even after i release it, and i can’t seem to understand if there is a rule, of if it’s just a bug.

  6. In cubase 5, when you made the control area (not the inspector, but the control “end” at the left ) of a track in the the project window smaller, the order of the buttons ( inserts, send, eq…) would change to make sure they would all still be visible. In cubase 8, they just disappear. Is it possible to change that?

  7. Is there any way of selecting favorite track pictures? It’s really annoying to have to scroll down to the bottom to find the microphone for exemple, especially to do it for multiple tracks.

  8. When i open another programm above cubase ( Mixconsole of my RME babyface for exemple) and then go back to cubase, cubase slows down for 1 second. Then audio will still play but the software is frozen and i can’t click anywhere. Didn’t happen one cubase 5 for the exact same project and settings. Is anyone else experiencing that? And if yes, is there a solution?

    I know that’s a lot of text and a lot of question, but i would be really thankful if anyone could help me out. :smiley:

Thanks a lot

Let’s try and get you going…

  1. Lanes: afaik you would have to do this manually but I’d love to hear to the contrary too…

  2. Variaudio: Select the segment then Alt-Spacebar (play selected)

  3. Unused audio: One way of doing this would be to trim the event to what you want to keep and then Bounce Selection, delete the original. I wouldn’t trust anything that claimed to do this automatically…

  4. Toolbox: it’s supposed to disappear when you let go but no, it doesn’t always. A glitch.

  5. Track headers: there’s quite a bit you can do here but you need to have a look at the manual and experiment.

  6. Cubase is a much bigger beast than it used to be. How’s your RAM?

Other solutions are available… :wink: Good luck, you’re making a big jump! C

  1. There is such a function. Check out “Prepare Archive” and “Minimize File” available in the pool window via right click.
    I would recommend looking those up in the manual to make sure it affects the right files and you don’t accidentally modify referenced files in your sample library or other files that you don’t actually wanna modify.

  2. I work with track presets, personally (not using the track pictures feature myself, but i believe it’s saved with a track preset).
    For creating audio and instrument tracks, i only use the “Add Track using Track Preset” function. Have my default inserts already set up, the Cubase channelstrip is pre vst-inserts, for vocals, there is a de-esser in the first insert slot and so on…

How can this be? This is completly ruining it for me. Or is there a reason i don’t get yet why they did it this way? I dont even know if this should be posted in feature request or bur report…

Thanks, that’s a possibility, but honnestly it’s 2 more clicks than i used to need per segment i want to play. I dont wanna believe steinberg would make such unusable changes without any possibility to revert it… does anyone else have an idea?

I did try to find solutions for all problems in the manual and on the web before coming to bother you guys :smiley: but i couldn’t find anything on that subject. In track control settings, you can choose which buttons you want displayed, and you can place them where you want, but i found no way to make them rearrange automaticly to grant visibility no matter the size of the track header, the way cubase 5 did maybe i’m missing something…

I went from cubase 5 32bit to cubase 8.5 64bit with 16 gigs of ram, and never had problems before, so i dont think that’s the problem…

Thanks, i’ll look into that!

Good idea, time to make track presets :nerd:

Thanks for taking the time :wink:

  1. Lanes - Yeah, this behaviour annoys me, I would definitely like it to fill up the space above before creating a new lane!! I move them manually. Also I prefer the old version of lanes by far where the lowest lane takes priority. I’ve found that this latest method sometimes changes which clips are ‘active’ so sometimes it plays completely wrong - this is a big problem because of course it changes the performance!! I haven’t tracked down how/when this happens so I bounce as soon as I’ve comped.

  2. Mixer - yep, it’d be nice to get this functionality back, although now you can hide tracks which helps. You could also use the 3 independent mixers to show different sets of tracks

  3. Tack Controls - yep, once again, a backward step in usability I think. Its never been as good since they’ve updated the GUI. For example, I shrink the width very slightly and 2 or 3 buttons disappear when there’s clearly room for them, so I have to expand the track height to see them again! Not really a good implementation, yet.

  4. Track pictures - yep. This is a simple implementation but I’d be happy to see some improvement here, for example, a folder view style so we can categorise the images, e.g. bass/guitar/vocal etc. Recent Used, Favourites, there’s many more possibilities to make it easier to use.

  5. I don’t have this problem. Do you have ‘Release audio driver in background’ checked, perhaps its taking time to get the driver back into action?

Hopefully Steinberg read these long types of ‘suggestion’ posts and make notes. But if you really want some traction on getting issues addressed I’d go for writing a separate thread for each issue.


Is your problem resizing vertically or horizontally? You could shorten the amount of space given to the track name, so your most important buttons can jump to the same line, right behind it…