Q-link and choosing affected tracks

Q-link works fantastic and is very helpful, BUT:
i quickly want to change the level of all groups in the project. i choose in the mixer to only display group channels, shft-select all visible grps and change volume. but Cubase ALSO selects (invisibly) all the other channels/instruments etc in BETWEEN the grp channels and applies the Q-link to them as well!
i would be really helpful if INVISIBLE channels etc would be excluded from the Q-link.


Could you describe more precisely, how exactly do you choose the Group Channels, please?

after having just group channels displayed in the mixer (usually they have the respective audio channels between them, now invisible) i choose the left grp ch and then shft-click the right channel (which selects all in between). then change vol of all of them together with Q-link.
but cubase also includes all (invisible) channels in between and applies vol changes.
only way around is to ctrl-clik select each grp channel individually.


I see, yes, you are right. You can even see in the Visibility tab, the Audio tracks are selected (the one, which are in between the two Group Channels). Yes, the only way is to Ctrl+Click. Or if this is a common use case for your, make a Project Logical Editor:
Filter Target
Media Type is > Equal > Group

Action Target


i’ll try that out.