Q-Link doesn't work in Direct Outs when selecting main mix, shortcut activation also doesn't work (plz fix in 10.0x)

Hello, found a serious bug that makes direct outs nearly unusable.

-‘Direct Outs: Summing Mode On’ -OFF/Unselected

-Multiple tracks selected with Qlink on
-Give them the same multi-direct out assignment in this order:

-Select Group 1 so that all the selected channels change to Group 1 direct out
-Now go back to main mix
you will notice that only one of the channels changes back to main mix
go to the next channel over and select main mix, and you will see that it will select it, but deselect main mix on the previous track you activated main mix
you will also notice your hotkey to deactivate Q-Link while in this focus also does not work

This absolutely, please please please has to be fixed for 10.0x

I am finding that this doesn’t have to do with the assignment being Main Mix/Stereo Out, it has to do with the first ‘Direct Out’ slot. I’m using all 8 slotstotal throughout the project.


Yes, I can confirm.

Reported to Steinberg CAN-25742.

Do you know if this was fixed in 10.5.x or 11? It’s a problem in both norm direct out mode, and summing mode.


Yes, this is fixed in Cubase 11.


Looking for confirmation on this pesky AutoLFO bug as well which had me headscratching MIDI troubleshooting for hours