Q-LINK in MixConsole

Cubase Pro 9.5
on WINDOWS 10 64bit v.1709

Save a DEFAULT / fully zeroed PRE section filter preset called default_filter_init

If you select all tracks in MixConsole
Q-LINK the selected tracks in MixConsole
Apply the saved filter preset to the Q-LINK’ed tracks using Load Preset from the PRE section header.
Only the track that you are working on gets the preset applied.
The others in the Q-LINK do not.

The expected behavior would be that all Q-LINK’ed tracks get the preset applied

The same procedure as described above also applies to EQ section of MixConsole.


Is it question of PRE section only? Does it work for other sections? Is it true for all parameters in the PRE section?

Actually isn’t it related to this?

I would not say they are related.
and no, as I mentioned. It is PRE and EQ.

How and why it is useful:

I get a cubase project file from a musician or amateur/beginner, as happens several times per month, and it has been taken in the wrong direction
to achieve the desired outcome for the mix.
Rather than having to rebuild a full project, I could zero out their settings on filters and effects on the same project file
and begin from INIT.

Using the Q-Link would currently be the most intuitive way to reset to a zeroed preset.
This way if one or two things in a project were well done but everything else not, you could zero out the PRE , EQ , Ch.strip of only those tracks that have issues.

Something to consider for v.10
would be a full project reset function which zeroes/defaults/inits ALL settings on all tracks. (launchable from project and MixConsole)
Or better yet make it so you first SELECT the tracks you want to zero, then launch the function that will zero out only the selected tracks.
Removing all inserts, sends, EQ, Pre, Channel Strip, and all automation for the selected track(s) and returning it to a zeroed default,
while leaving the audio or midi events in place on the track.