Q Link missing from mixing console

HI Ive just got Elements 7 and for some reason the link tab and Q link are not anywhere in the mixing console. Is there somewhere to make them visible? why can I not see them? All the tutorials in youtube clearly show them to be there. I have right clicked and those options are just not there for me to switch on.

thanks for your advice



This panel is hidden by default. Click to the Racks and enable Track Quick Controls in the MixConsole.

HI thanks for your reply. I think you misunderstand the problem. When I right click on the “task bar” in the mixing console, and go to customize toolbar…there is no option to switch on LINKS at all…the option is just not there


thanks again


Of, I see. I saw “Q” and I read Quick Controls. Sorry! :slight_smile:

Then I’m afraid this is a feature difference, and this Q Link is not part of Cubase Elements.

Edit: But the comparison sheet says, the Quick Link is part of Cubase Elements.