Q on creating manual slices in Groove Agent 4 SE

I’ve been playing around with the ability of GA to take an audio loop and slice it up into its component hits & map them to a midi pattern.

One loop I have is spoken word and using transients to detect slice points doesn’t really work for it. So I thought I could just change the slice Mode to Manual and make the slices myself. However in Manual Mode it sees the entire loop as a single slice (fine as far as that goes) but I can’t find anyway to add a new slice point (not fine). Couldn’t find anything in the manual regarding Manual Mode. Figure I’m missing something obvious, so…

Do you understand German?? It should be easy to understand…


There’s also these videos from Steinberg:


No German here. But I could see he was doing exactly what I wanted & eventually figured it out.

By default when I put the audio on the pad it had one slice containing all of the audio. What I needed to do was move the end of that slice earlier so it becomes the 1st slice I want. Then on the unsliced right side of the waveform I can alt+click to add new slices.

Interesting post. I was wanting to map some vocal hits to the GA myself and got some interesting results. The Warp inside of GA worked on some parts. I liked having a kind of beat-box kit. I have to work with it more.

On that project I ended up creating regions and then bounced those and time stretched them. Anyway, good luck, it sounds interesting.