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I save my Mix window configurations, as I work with many different type of projects.
The “Work space” does not include this kind of project to project variations.

  • How can I simply recall the Mix Window configs ?
    ( I only need to recall channels visibility and list of plugins )
  • Can they be included somehow in the work space presets ?

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Well, I have a feeling that they’re project-specific. So if that’s the case the only way to always get your configurations is to make sure you have a template project that you always open for a given category of jobs, and then it’ll recall. It’s actually a good question because I just started using configurations (lord knows why I haven’t before!!!). I set up key commands etc, and when last week’s episode came around I loaded from template again and the configurations were gone… which is to say they were still available in the old project, but not the new one (because never saved it to the template).

So since you just asked I just tried to save to template and it recalls fine that way. But as far as going cross projects, I have no idea. Come to think of it, I’m guessing it might be a difficult thing to implement if a configuration includes which tracks are shown and which aren’t, because if you Project1 includes tracks A, B, C, D, M, N, O, and Project2 includes A, B, E, H, N, O, then a) how is that handled and b) is it even “workable” as a solution?

You know what I mean? I suppose I don’t really have an answer to your question :frowning:

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I will second what Lydiot said. Make a template and set up your configs there. Use said template for new projects. The whole configurations thing needs some major work. There should be options like…

Remove track from all configurations?
Show track in all configurations?
Add new track to all configurations?
Add new track to current configuration only?

These should be implemented by holding a modifier key when pressing the button to remove or show the track. As it is, adding a new track in the middle of a session fouls up all your configurations. And it is such a pain to go through them all and fix them when you should be mixing.

And there should be filters for types of tracks that you will never want in the mixer view. So if I never want to see a midi track in my mixer I could make that happen. No matter how many tracks I added or what types of tracks they are. I really never want to see another midi track in my mixer, ever.

I could see the use for an “add/remove track to/from configuration(s)” option. As it stands now I think the only reasonable option is to “overdo” the template and essentially add more than is ultimately needed, and then just remove tracks that aren’t relevant.

As for track types in the mixer though that function is already there, isn’t it? To the left of the wide “configuration” button there’s a “track type” drop down menu that allows you to add/remove what you want. I’ve got key commands linked to it, though I haven’t used them for a while, but I can basically just get rid of all my groups or outputs with the click of a button. In the Key Commands window it’s under “mixer” and it’s “hide” and then whatever type you want to have a key for. Works great for me.

As I redo my templates I think I’ll keep mixer 1 as a mirror of the project window, I typically have #4 set to everything of relevance for the final print, so outputs and groups and “record tracks”. #3 is whatever and #4 contains everything I need for mixing on a higher level, so Source tracks, Groups, VCAs, and that’s where it’s convenient to show/hide track types.

The one thing I have a hard time understanding is why the Visibility Agents aren’t the same in the project window and mixer(s). To me ‘Show connected to selected’ is a pretty useful feature if you want to go through a chain of processing for a channel you’ve selected and soloed. But as it stands now I’d have to go to the mixer window to trigger the agent. So that would be neat to have equal in all views.

Yea I use those functions but somehow midi tracks keep showing up. Maybe I need to go back and check all my templates to ensure that midi tracks aren’t checked for visibility somewhere.