Q re: note exp.


Updated to 5.5.3 all is good, more stability never goes astray.

My Q is does the new note expression allow you to tie midi volume changes “CC7” with individual notes or is it some proprietary thing?

HI Astroboy,

Saw your post sitting out here with zero replies so I thought I’d jump in and try and help.

I think the answer to your question is both YES and NO.

Yes, not expression will let you tie CC7 (and virtually any other MIDI command) to individual notes. But, only a Note-Expression-Compatiable instrument will react to that information (which means at the moment its somewhat propritary).

The CB6 Upgrade comes with Halion Soinc SE which is of course Note Expresion compatible. I’m sure that the mother-ship (Halion Sonic) is as well, and I would guess most if not all of the Steinberg stuff will be shortly.

And for my own part, I think Note Expression is pretty slick! I’ll make you a freindly wager that the majority of other developers begin to incorporate it fairly quickly.

Don’t know if that answered your question or not, but hopefully it helps.

have fun,