Q. Real Time Rendering does not write file name or output to designated path

When selecting Real Time Render in audio file editor & montage– the named file does write to the designated output path, and instead rewrites the original source file using only the scheme / suffix name. Also, selected time range does not work, and instead begins to render the entire file/selected clip. Rendering offline, however creates named files to designated output paths perfectly fine. Any solutions? Thank you.

Are you using WaveLab 10.0.60? I can’t reproduce your issue.

I am using version 10.0.4 build 127.

Hey PG. Updated to 10.0.06. File naming and output to the designated path works only when using the Render Ribbon. However if using the Render window, using the shortcut key command- A - the file naming and output to the path does not work. Is this a bug or am I missing something in the render window? Are you able to reproduce?

Please shows me a screenshot of settings that don’t work.

Using the settings of your picture, I can’t produce a problem. What is happening in your case?