Q: Real time rendering w/audition vs. playback plugin

I may have missed something obvious, but when I render real-time with audition (VERY nice feature), it seems like the playback (ie. post plugins and external fx) doesn’t go through the playback plugin.

It could be me messing up, but I can’t find out which box tick or button to press to get it to work :slight_smile:

Edit: the same question also applies to the reference track, ie. how to route it pre playback processing. [this had me scratching my head for a while – since the HEDD lineariser lowers the output by quite a bit, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why the ref was super-loud, while my master sounded better but a lot quieter :slight_smile:]


The plugins located in the Playback Processing section of the Master Section, are used when you use the “Render in Real Time” feature. eg. try a gain plugin to make this obvious.
Or did you mean something else?

I’ve used the regular render fuction and ticked “audition”. Then the playback plugins are not in the chain. I’ll investigate the rirt function and see if that’s different.


I mean, they are used for playback (audition option), but not rendering, of course.

I think the confusion that in the event of real-time rendering, he would like the playback processing FX to still be audible but not in the rendered file of course.

I don’t know if this is possible since I don’t use real-time rendering.

Yes, that’s my point: I of course don’t want them to be in the render, but I do want them post render pre listen. Choosing “classic” render and ticking audition sends the post render signal straight out, not via playback plugins. Unless I’m foing something wrong, of course :slight_smile:


Ok, after a bit of testing:

I click “Render” and get the render tab/window. If I then left-click “start” and then tick “Audition” in the new window, the audio is NOT routed through the playback plugin (post render of course). However, if I right-click and choose “Real-time”, and then tick “audition”, the PB plugin IS heard.

This is, if not confusing, then at least a recipe for mistakes. There’s nothing in the final render dialogue that gives any clue to whether you’re in realtime or non-realtime mode. Can this be fixed?


Either way I try, the playback plugin is used. Therefore you must do something I don’t do.
Do I understand right that there is a External FX plugin in the Render section, and this is why you use real time rendering?
You say: “If I then left-click start”… do you mean in the Ribbon?

Let’s see (picture attached):

  • I’m in the montage
  • There are three clip plugins: dither, external FX and a limiter
  • There is one master section plugin: a metering plugin
  • There is one final FX plugin: dither
  • There is one playback plugin: The lineariser


  1. I click “Render”
  2. I left-click “Start”
  3. I click “Start” (with “audition” ticked)

-> playback is directly from the render to the hardware, not through the playback plugin. However, as mentioned, if I right-click Start in step 2, and choose realtime, playback does go through the PB plugin. It’s very strange, especially since window 3 actually says “Real-time” in both cases :slight_smile: