Q regarding drum-editing functionality

I have Cubase 6, and a big frustration for me is being required to switch between draw/erase while drum editing. For a long time, I’ve wondered why they couldn’t be simplified into the same cursor: if clicking on a space without any instances, then it draws if clicking on a space with instances already existing, then it erases.

To me, that is the only sensible way to have things set up. When writing complex drum maps, the amount of switching between draw and erase is a notable irritation.

If this is not already resolved in Cubase 7, then I think it’s high time it became resolved, and if anyone, for whatever reason, doesn’t want the improved workflow that this would bring, then an option to separate these functionalities could be given easily enough.

So, the question of my post is: Are draw and erase unified into a single cursor tool in Cubase 7, or 7.5?

In C7 you can change between draw and erase if you maintain the key [alt] pressed.

I think is the same in C6 …?