Q: Seriously considering Halion Sonic but...

While I’m aware they are included in the SE version, are the Halion One sounds included in Halion Sonic?

I belive they are, and the library for Halion Sonic includes a lot more. Anyway, if I’m wrong and the Halion One sounds are not part of Halion Sonic, you will still have Halion Sonic SE available. I’ve just started scratching the surface of Halion Sonic and I’m sure I’m gonna use it a lot in the future.


I have installed Cubase 6 and HalionSonic 1.5, I can load the HalionOne Sounds in HSE or HS.
It´s much better handling than with HalionOne.
Also for older projects i have the old HalionOne installed.

Gr, Mike

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:


Halion Sonic does look pretty interesting - where can we find what the discounted price in the Online Shop is for Cubase 6 owners? Is it the same as the ‘upgrade’ price from Hypersonic or Halion Player?


It’s under ‘Accessories’ in the shop. I had a hard time finding it as well … but someone here helped me. It’s $200.00 US.

I was also bummed that apparently I can’t post on the Steinberg Halion Sonic forum to ask a few questions.

I really want to know if Halion Sonic (including SE) outputs midi. I’d like to be able to use the flexi phrases with other instruments or hardware.

Anyone know?


Thanks Prado - yep, it’s £166, and HSO and the Grand SE are £99 each - all downloadable as it’s just the license, presumably!

Sorry I don’t know if Halion Sonic outputs MIDI, but I’d be surprised if it did. Groove Agent 3 does, though!