QCH File

In the documentation folder in Win 7 the English help seems to be a QCH file. The updated help file is PDF, so why the difference? I was expecting the downloaded file to have the same name as the existing file…or do you change the file extention perhaps?

It would appear the undated pdf file on the download page is date stamped 13/9/10 whereas my current qhc file is dated 26/5/11. So the help file (QHC) is part of the update and is more recent than the pdf file.

This is a better idea than the CB6 help updates that involves downloading and overwriting the existing help pdf files separately, but some kind hint e.g. “help files are updated automatically” wouldn’t go amiss where there is a difference in the approach used by these two Steinberg products to update the help files.

Thanks for the help.

The help contents hasn’t changed, but it was “rebuilt”, hence the newer time stamp.

So they are the same then. I noticed a slight difference in the file structure (at master section, master project) between the two and assumed the content had been changed to reflect the changes made after the initial release.

When it does change it will be part of the update, simple. Cheers.