Qcon Pro Cubase 10 Mackie??

Have a Qcon Pro that worked great in Cubase 9. Upgraded to Cubase 10 and in “Studio” tab under Device Setup I can’t find a Mackie HUI protocol option anymore. The Qcon Pro used to work under that (Mackie) with its built-in Cubase mode quite well. Now I can’t even find a Mackie option in Device Setup. No idea where I’m overlooking this. Thanks for any input. Ulti

Mackie HUI is still there in the list along with 21 other devices…at least in C10 latest version. I’ll assume you pressed the ‘+’ to open the list? However I don’t believe QconPro is designed to work under Mackie HUI. I have always run my QconPro under Mackie control.

Also remember once you choose Mackie Control then go to
Studio>more options> mackie control> a tiny box pops up with a drop-down. choose either

  1. Cubase mode
  2. compatibility mode.

I believe Cubase mode opens up more control options with the QconPro however the drawback is some of the buttons will get other functions which can be a bit confusing. For example to shift 1 channel you have to press shift then bank shift to move it. Also inserts and other functions offer a bit more control if you need that stuff in the QconPro.

Thanks for the reply. I’d actually forgotten about the “+” button - duh! Got everything working now. Thanks again!!