QCon Pro G2 Layer2-Functions not triggering

Hey there,

Cubase 10.0.60 with Icon QCon Pro G2 connected (FW 1.08 as well as 1.09 beta):
When trying to use the Layer 2 of the Functions buttons, Cubase actions aren’t triggered.
The led of the ‘Layer 2’ button is lit up (and so do the function buttons when hit), but no reaction in Cubase.
Actions are assigned in the Studio Setup for the Mackie Control, all MIDI settings in place.

So I was wondering whether this not it’s a hardware thingy, or if I need to check the MIDI notes send in the iMap-Tool maybe?

Any help is much appreciated.




What should Layer 2 do, please? It’s not described in the QCon Pro G2 manual.

Hey Martin,

good point, as the manual is rather crappy.
Then again, I would expect a ‘Layer 2’ button next to 8 custom control buttons to work as something like a SHIFT-button, to toggle a second layer of 8 assignable buttons, hence having 16 custom controls.

Especially when dealing with the Cubase setup for the Mackie Control, it implies exactly that- only difference: it’s actually called i.e. ‘Shift + F1’

I don’t know any specifics about the protocol, but is it possible to assign MIDI notes or whatever the Qcon sends to key commands somewhere else? MIDI learn?



This is what I was also originally thinking. But there is real Shift button on QCon Pro G2.

What MIDI Message does the button send out, please?


I was always overlooking the ‘real’ Shift-Button- so that was the deciding hint I guess.
The ‘Layer 2’ sent ‘C(-1)’, I changed it to ‘B(5)’ which is the message for ‘Shift’- seems to work but the Qcon’s LEDs won’t light anymore- I guess I used the tool improperly…

My best guess is, I wasn’t reading the Layout of the Qcon as it’s meant. ‘Layer 2’ has a line-border and there are four more buttons that have the same as for their second function. The Shift button is framed by a white canvas and three more buttons have that, too.

Following this logic there is no indication whatsoever, that the Funcion buttons F1…8 may be used together with ‘Shift’ which seems to be handled in Cubase then. I mixed that up.

Anyways- any “hacks” that you might want to share (or link resources) for customizing that hardware-controller? :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps!


That’s weird. Referring to this, C-1 (Note On Pitch 12) sends Solo Channel 5 button or Record Ready 1 button (depending, where does your MIDI octave starts to). Shift Sends 70 (A#3 or A#4), or am I wrong?

Sorry, I donÄt know the QCon Pro G2 device.


so there’s a utility for the QCon that’s called iMap.
According to its options:

  • C-1 translates to 0) Rec.1 (the unit isn’t actually sending MIDI out for this, when button pressed)
  • B5 translates to 83) Shift (when recording oto a MIDI track it’s actually receiving B4…)

I’m confused