QCon Pro X - Jog Wheel speed

I’m brand new to Cubase, and the QCon Pro X.
Anyone know if there is a way to speed up the jog wheel speed? Right now it scrolls thru at 1/16 note increments which makes moving around the project with the jog wheel pretty cumbersome.
I did a search and saw a few posts from folks with other controllers that had a similare issue, but their solutions seem to be on the eucon software side of things, which doesnt really work for me.
Thought I’d check in and see if anyone with the QCon had resolved the issue for themselves.



Hi and welcome to the forum,

Which Cubase version do you use, please?

If you are using Cubase 12, do you use Qcon as Mackie or do you use a MIDI Remote Script?


Sorry, I should have stated…
I am using Cubase 12, and the QCon is using the Mackie protocol.
I dont know enough about the QCOn or Cubase yet to use a MIDI Remote Script! :slight_smile:


Then you cannot change the speed, sorry.

OK, thanks for the quick answer!