QL 1 & Nuendo Live - Channel Names

Hi all,

Im sitting at my QL1 during the lockdown attempting to learn Nuendo Live.

Audio is passing to to Nuendo via Dante Virual Soundcard, but I cant seem to get the following to work:-

Channel names and colours -
I have downloaded and installed Yamaha Console extension, albeit I am running a Windows 10 machine and software from Yamaha site is up to Windows 8

Control of Nuendo from the QL1-
I have the V4 ip Address in the desk

I have tried disabling the windows firewall = no change on either of the above.

Finally, who ever is reading this I wish you safe times during this Covid 19 pandemic.


Just one thought - from past experience, these firewalls (esp 3rd party stuff) can continue to wreak all sorts of grief on you, despite you believing you’ve disabled things ok…

If you can, try to stop it from even launching up at boot-time - you’ll have to dig around for some info specific to you, for how to achieve that. I say this any time anyone mentions ‘disabling firewall’ - these apps can be so insidious and tamper with so many low-level system files/procedures, that they don’t let you simply ‘disable’ them that easily… They hate not being in control.

Under the hood, its like (to itself) "…yeah, yeah - I’ll let you think you’ve deactivated me, but, ‘sorry dave, I can’t let you do that…’ "


You too, keep safe and well… :wink: