QoL request re: "Open Recent" menu on MacOS

I have a super minor request, just something that has catches me and adds a few seconds every time I try to open a file.

I wish I could remove the number that precedes each filename on the list under “File” > “Open Recent”. I don’t know how this works on Windows, but in MacOS I can navigate dropdown menus most quickly with the keyboard. In other programs with a similar submenu, I can select or mouse over “open recent”, then start typing the first few characters of the filename to select the file I want, then hit enter to open the file. Dorico prevents this by appending a number before each item, so even if I know the exact filename I can’t select it by typing. Instead I have to visually scan the list of files to find it, which is always slower.

That’s all! Thanks for considering.

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Thanks for your feedback. We’ll see what we can do about this.

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