QR Code

I wish it were possible to add a QR code as a field in a flow header… e.g., when working on a worksheet, to be able to add a qr code that links to audio or video sample.

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I don’t think we’re likely to build a QR code generator directly into Dorico itself, but it should hopefully be easy enough to add a QR code as a graphic to your project, and there are lots of free QR code generator sites on the web that will generate them for you.

Thx @dspreadbury - I’m familiar with that ability… I was hoping there could at least be a way to associate an image as a flow property, which could then be part of the flow header for consistent placement? Perhaps I’m overlooking something?

No, there’s no way to associate an image with a flow and then automatically include it in a flow heading.

QR codes just encode text anyway, right? Of course it’s more convenient to scan one than to retype a URL or other address, but at least we can include whatever text we want.

Of course, if you semi-finalize your layout and leave a standard amount of space for a QR code (perhaps by creating the proper height flow header even if it’s blank) you can then go back and place the codes manually into image frames.

I got curious and Googled “qr code font” and found at least one free one. I have not tried it, but it would seem that we can format and print an actual QR code via a font!