QT framework

A tehnical / programmer question for Philippe.

Is Wavelab 9 is still using QT framework (haven’t updated yet, but see it listed on WL copyrights page) ?? For a moment i thought you’ve switched to JUCE :slight_smile:

Any insights about how you’ve managed to make such a big step forward regarding user interface including so enormously improved look. I have some experience with QT and i am pretty much aware of its default look and skinning possibilites, which are very obvious with WL 7/8.

Any info on this would be extremly interesting, thank you.

Congrats for the release !!!

Is Wavelab 9 is still using QT framework

Yes. But now it is using QT5

Yes, Qt is used (since WaveLab 7). But in WaveLab 9, lots of stuff has been recreated on top of it, such as the docking/layout system and the skinning.

Awesome work, thanks!!

Because I read QT5 here …

Yesterday, I open WLab 9 but it wanted start anymore. It hangs. So I rename my PlugIn folders and try it again. Nothing. I read in the Windows control panel -> events, an error occured in Wlab.exe in QT5Widgets.dll modul. The last thing what I do in the night before, was change the colors of waves in preferences. So I deinstall Wlab 9 restart PC, install Wlab 9 again, but it still hangs on start :open_mouth:
Ok, then I deinstall it again, search in windows explorer all Wlab 9 folders and delete this, install Wlab 9, say no by “take the Wavelab 8.5 preferences” and all run fine again … very strange

I guess an old WaveLab 8.5 could be the cause of your problem (“Normally”, this should not happen).

Thanx PG. Later today, I’ll try it again to change the colors of wave view.
What irritated me was, that WaveLab still hangs after new installation. But I’m a “DOS baby” and know Windows since Windows 3.1, so it wasn’t a problem for my :mrgreen: