QT player glitches when in full screen mode

why is it that everytime i play the video in fullscreen mode, no matter is mpg or avi or mov format video file are also play with glitches and not smooth. but when i playback in double or normal size the problem didn’t exsist. i have already close the thumbnail cache of the video. and the strange thing is but i open that files in the quicktimes X on the mac itself and it play smooth when in full screen mode. are there anymore setting? or i need to upgrade to nuendo 5 for the Mac Version of Nuendo.

it’s no secret that nuendo has video formats that behave better than others. i’ve found that photojpeg at 75% work incredibly well with very little performance hit. avoid mpeg, divx, h264 or any other highly compressed format.

if you post your exact system setup in your signature we’ll be able to offer some other suggestions.

Hey there,

one thing that definitely solved issues for me was to change the video priority (or is it boost?) in the video preferences.
Hopt it works for you too!!

Weird, I noticed the glitches in full screen mode today as well…