Quad core or higher spec dual core?

Hi guys,

Could people please give me their opinions on what may suit best.

It’ll be for a mobile setup with Cubase 5.5 64bit, and am looking to beat the performance of my current Core 2 Duo, T7500 2.20GHz, with 4GB of RAM.

Would an i5 or i7 ~1.6GHz perform better?

Many thanks

quad core hands down, even a 2.2GHz beats the 2.8 dual…

OK, that sounds pretty definitive :slight_smile:


Further to this I’ve seen a pretty capable looking AMD 1.5 GHz quad for around £300:-


Just not sure how this will stack up against the Intel chips (eg i7 1.6GHz quad).

A CPU comparison:-


Please let me know any thoughts…

no comparison at all intel all the way…

For sure - looks that way. Am aiming for the i7-2670QM now

Cheers dude!