quad core vs 8 core

Dear Friends,

I am thinking about buying a new Computer(PC) and update to win 10 .
For me its really hard to find out which would be a better solution for cub 8, 8.5.
A new fast cpu with quad core or a 8core for example with the hasewell tecnology.
what would u guys prefer.?.are there anyone outthere who has some tips
or someone who has some experiences with this issue.

here is my current computer

Intel core i7 950, 3,07 Ghz
Bloomfield, Socket 1366 LGA

ASUSTE Computer Ink, Sabertooth x58
Chipset, Intel

Pc3-10700(667 Mhz) Kingston
3 x 4 DDR3

2 x SSD
Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500 GB (1 Partition System-AudioSoftware, 2 Partion Audio Libraries and Samples) 500 GB
Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500 GB(Audio Libaries, Samples) 500 GB

of course these only makes sense when there will be a really better performance.
this computer is now more than 5 years old.

thx in advance


Well, I reckon its difficult to choose because it prob depends on use and that can change throughout a project.

I personally went to the extreme 8 core intel (and other top spec parts) because I usually run out of processing power towards the end of projects due to using stacks of plugins. My thinking being that I will have extra cores to spread them about more therefore more power in my case.

But, the clock speed is always less on chips with more cores and you definitely can’t overclock the CPU so much, e.g. I have mine at 4.4GHz, but quads and hex cores go way faster. I reckon in practice this means that you can’t track at low latency with as many plugins, something that usually happens at the start of the project for me.

I’ve had this PC for a while now but I haven’t really had to push it yet. Also, I’ve no real comparison because of course it does run old projects better than my previous PC (HexCore) but that’s not just the processor, its got faster everything so I can’t give any subjective comment on just the cores…

However, one thing that I really like about my new PC is that it boots up in much less than a minute - it all adds up :slight_smile:


Thx a lot Headlands and GargoyleStudio for your answers and assasments.
i guess i will wait a bit and do some more resarches.but it seems i will buy a new quadcore or six core…
letz see…
thx again for your help and support…
greetings from vienna

I wouldn’t do it if it was me (and I stayed at a Q9550 @ 3.6GH OC). There is nothing your system can’t do with a little care and chances are you will only see a marginal improvement if and that is a big if you don’t run into any issues. I would try to over clock your current CPU. 4ghz will be easy and will give you quit a boost.
But just to advice you on cores vs speed. It seems that Cubase has some issues with sub grouping and many cores. So if you are heavy into using buses go for speed. If like me you only occasional use a bus, go for cores.