QuadraFuzz 1 working in C10


Was wondering if anyone has figured out a workaround for getting Quadrafuzz v1 working in C10. I downloaded the original .dll and tried bridging but that didn’t work. Has anyone any other ideas ?


AFAIK you can use the last 32 bit bridge from an older cubase (was it v9 or 8, the last that supported 32bit plugs). Copy the bridge to the v10 components folder. Make sure only the quadra folder is scanned, otherwise all 32 bit plugs on your system will suddenly show up, set op the quadra folder in vst paths… Unsupported of course!
Let is know if it works

Thank you,

I will give this a shot :slight_smile:

were you able to run it in C10 then? Where did you find quadrafuzz.vst file, anyone? Doing my best to find it, but I was only able yo find quadrafuzz.dll for win or just quadrafuzz file for mac…but the file is not a vst file. I even tried to rename it to quadrafuzz.vst and then jbridge it, but jbridge didn’t create anything. “Done! 1 file(s) analysed 0 32bit 0 64bit plugins bridged”
jbridge can only bridge a vst file…so far I wasn’t able to find quadrafuzz.vst. But I saw people using it in C10 so it must exist, but where??
anyone please advise!

Since quadrafuzz is vst 2 only, there is no „quadrafuzz.vst“ - file.


not working

I was meaning to reply to this thread, no I didn’t get it working.