Quadrafuzz 2 feature request!

Hello! This thread is for a feature request in the Quadrafuzz V2 plug-in.

This came about after a lengthy thread regarding the phasing out of 32bit plugins (including Quadrafuzz v1) And we were wondering if it would be possible for one of two things (or hell, even both!). It seems I was not the only one who would massively feel the effects of losing Quadrafuzz v1, and so I posted about it. Turns out I am one of several who care - can I(we) request the following:

Either, a ported version of Quadrafuzz V1 to work in a 64-bit platform. Lovingly called Quadrafuzz Classic 64bit (or some such) :slight_smile: I understand the coding for this will be completely different, so it would probably be a job. I don’t know the science behind it, so I don’t know how possible it is.

OR a few adjustments to the new Quadrafuzz V2… there were several KEY parts of Quadrafuzz v1 that were not included in V2, and they are:
~ 4 Global EQ filters
~ and more importantly, the 5 different knee settings (also global) just to the right of the 4-band gain settings. These were CRUCIAL to how v1 interacted with the track. I used them constantly, and now they’re simply not there. Can they be reinstated?? With those, MOST of the same functionality will be present in V2.

Believe me, I’m ALL for the phasing out of 32 bit, and this would pretty much be the only plugin I’ll ever use again that would be 32bit. I realize one person isn’t enough to kick up a fuss about, but all I can tell you is that I have several colleagues (in mixing and mastering) that have purchased Cubase (at my behest) simply for the functionality of Quadrafuzz ( VERSION 1, by Craig Anderton! ).

If you would like to view the original post on this (and by the way there are SEVERAL OTHERS!!) here it is:

+1. I really miss the old quadrafuzz (and already asked for its return a few years ago when it was discontinued) !

Bump ! I miss my old quadrafuzz ! :slight_smile: