Quadrafuzz 2 - wow!

What a superb plug-in this is. Gonna have a lot of fun with this.


I agree that it is a great plug-in, however it is very limited in it’s creative capabilities because you cannot reduce the level of a single band by more than 15db. One of the moderators here said he would forward my idea to Steinberg - to make it so that each band can be reduced to infinity. I hope that suggestion does not fall on deaf ears, as this would greatly increase the creative possibilities of this plug-in.

It is a problem because obviously adding distortion adds gain. If you boost one of the bands distortion to maximum, it can get so loud, that the 15 DB reduction is not enough to bring it back to normal levels with the rest of the bands. this obviously is a MAJOR problem. Allowing infinity reduction would fix this. Obviously it would also allow for some really crazy fun tweaking that is currently not possible.

Perhaps you could counter that by boosting the other bands, while turning the overall effect down. Far from perfect, but might help in some situations.