Quadrafuzz crossovers don't respond

It is no longer possible to move band crossover by dragging this dots.

Actually the whole plugin is unusable, because the only way to move crossovers is to move those yellow stripes, and when I do so they somitemes jump to the cursor and disappear.

it’s unusable!
Please fix it

Until you mentioned it, I’d never thought of trying to ‘grab’ those handles to move the crossover band - always clicked on the yellow line directly and dragged. So I tried - and can confirm; you can’t click where you indicate and drag to move the bands… So is this some ‘broken behaviour’ since an earlier edition.?

Also, I’ve not had those lines disappear on me, that I can remember…

(BTW - its a great plugin from Steiny.!)

yea, this bug was introduced since initial Cubase 9 release
Thank you for confirming

No problem.

For the SB folk reading these posts, with no signature info from you, they can’t discern your platform (Win or Mac); or draw a conclusion whether this may be simply an old 32bit vs 64bit edition problem with the plugin.

If its important to you; suggestion - change Original Post title to:- Confirmed - Quadrafuzz II UI bug; C9 (edit:- because I’m assuming that’s all it really is.!)

And detail in the post that this is broken behaviour. For example:-

C8.x.x = expected behaviour
C9.x.x = broken

It may then get some attention/action a little more readily than otherwise - leave them having to guess too much, and they move on… :wink:

as far as I understand they will never read forum for bug reports from now on.