Quadrafuzz issue in Cubase Pro 9.5

Just updated from Cubase Pro 8.5 to 9.5.1. There’s definitely a small glitch with Quadrafuzz V2. I use that a lot to target a frequency range and add a little distortion to give attitude or presence. So I’m used to grabbing the freq range zone handles and moving them. Previously I could grab the zone line anywhere and move it, but not so in CB9.5. When I tried to move the range line with the handle (located at the bottom of the zone range line), it would not move. However it will move if you grab the top of the line where there is no handle. Just pulled up the manual, and interestingly the picture of the Quadrafuzz interface in the manual shows the zone range handles at the top of the line - not at the bottom as is on the actual plugin.

I’m guessing that isn’t intentional?


Cubase Pro 9.5.1
iMac 27" Late 2015 OS 10.11.6
32 gb ram
UA Apollo Thunderbolt Interface

Can confirm. Seems like this was broken with Cubase 9.