QuadraFuzz mkIII - greatest hits of v1+v2 plus AI and modern emulation technology

hi ppl! :smiley:

I can dream, can’t I? :innocent:

I saw a comment about QuadraFuzz III so I thought why not. As much as I love v1 and v2 there are still room for improvement and they’re not the same. There are differences. And differences depend on context whether they’re good or … less good.

So here we are in the future and all the modern hardware and code and it would be possible to squeeze some more blood out of the QuadraFuzz cocept with AI and the latest emulation technology? I think so !!! :grin:

free bonus tip!
One way of using QuadraFuzz “inside” an ampsim is to have it like this in the insert rack:
AmpSim1 - turn off the last part of the first ampsim to get rid of the speaker simulator etc
AmpSim2 - turn off the first part of the first ampsim to get rid of the input and stomp boxes

Then you kind of have the QuadraFuzz as a plugin in your ampsim whether it supports plugins or not, and you will have a new palette of glorious noises to disturb your neighbors with! Win-win!