QuadraFuzz v1 how to run in C9

Sorry no idea, I saw this but I don’t need it myself.
If you also have jbridge, I would only use this hack for old cubase plugins that don’t run in jbridge!

good find, cheers.

QF1 was probably outsourced, like roomworks, hence the no update (and probably the reason they sound better than steinberg’s own attempts)?

This is great! Thanks for sharing this.

I am slightly worried about replacing the VstPlugManager.dll - are there any side effects on how the plugins are handled in Cubase 9?

I came here and found this thread trying to get QF1 to run in Cubase 9. Has anyone that has done the dll replacement above run into any issues? I love QF1 and DoubleDelay, would love to be able to use them in Cubase 9. Does anyone have an suggestions to something comparable to DoubleDelay?

didnt test with replacing dll, working now with painfull method: Jbridge & v1 (red gui) QF.

Worked for me and so far no problems! Thank you!

Would this work to make Reverb A available in Cubase 9.0.20?

I don’t see why not. It’s supposed to make ANY 32bit plugs work with Cubase 9. I needed to be able to use the Double Delay again after upgrading. I suppose I should start phasing it out though.

I’m curious as to why Steinberg decided to not allow the use of 32bit plugs in C9? Especially if it’s that easy to work around it and not have any issues.

My 32bit plugs have stopped working again. SMH!

You might try re-copying the files from 8.5 (if you haven’t already), that got it working again for me.

interesting, if someone convert QF1 to 64bit and upload for everyone, it be legit?

Yeah, that was the first thing I tried along with deleting the blacklist files and nothing is working. Everything was working fine for the past couple weeks up until yesterday and I have no idea what caused Cubase to start blacklisting them again. At this point, I’ve resorted to using 8.5 for sessions that are using the Double Delay.

Workaround: keep Cubase 8.5 32 installed and pull stuff in there you think you need to run through QuadraFuzz or any old 32-bit tools you don’t want to part with just yet? You can make a stereMixMinusONE and just import that into an empty track in C8.5 and then bake the Track(s) with 32-bit plugins before you export it as a stereo(s) track and get it into C9.
Or reinstall C8.5 if you dumped it already. And yep, it’s just a workaround, sorry …

Bizarre…I’m not sure what exactly triggered my problems as I don’t actually use the 32 bit plugins in most projects. I’d assumed it was when I updated to 9.02 that they stopped working but can’t be sure. There were three different versions of the plugin blacklist that I renamed before I got it working again (as well as the new copies of the files from 8.5).

I just used Jbridge 1.75 on Cubase 9 VST2 plugins. It works OK. Allthought i passed manually digging into my VST2 plugins Library to see what is working and what is not. Lucky C9 or WL9 or Jbridge does not stop on Errors on VST2 plugins but regards them as Unsafe and goes on with the rest. I just deleted all plugins with errors from my VST2 dir. Jbridge works fine.

Unfortunately, jBridge does not work for all of the older Steinberg plugins. You get some type of “You must have Nuendo installed” error or something like that from jBridge. That’s why we’re forced to attempt these workarounds with C9.

which version of C 9 were you using .
i used Vinarks method of moving 2 files from Cubase 8.5-components-folder to the one in Cubase 9 earlier this year and ive been on 9.0.10 for a while now and all the old steinberg 32 bit plugs are still working fine that includes Doubledelay ReverbA .etc .although i do keep my music(cubase) pc offline,dont know if that would make a difference. I was thinking of updating to 9.0.20 but i dont think ill bother now untill someone finds a fix for the old plugs

I’m on 9.0.20 and have been since I installed it. When I attempted to copy the files over from 8.5 again, Windows said they were duplicate files. I overwrote them anyways and deleted the blacklist files. Still not working. I am online with my computer, but I can’t see that having anything to do with it since I haven’t updated anything since I modded the files. IDK. It’s not that big of a deal. I just really liked the Double Delay because of how basic it is, but it would be easier in the long run to phase it out and just use 8.5 if I need to pull up an old session that uses Double Delay.

if you enjoyed using C9 along with doubledelay and the old plugs,see if you can go back to at least 9.0.10 somehow ,you must be able to get the original C9 install files from somewhere and either stay on that version cause it worked fine ,or move up to V 9.0.10 that one works fine also and just wait for someone to come up with a fix for the old plugs . i cant believe steinberg are still persisting with this policy . it is strange how your 9.0.20 worked for a couple of weeks then messed up all of a sudden ,companys are :imp: dont give up on the old plugs ,im not gonna ,they are quality plugs i tried replacing the old legacy plug ReverbA but nothing compared . good luck.

There is some sort of issue (discussed in the C9 version history) between 32bit jBridge files not working with 9.0.10 at all, so reverting to the previous version would just cause me even more problems. That’s why I didn’t bother upgrading to C9 until the 9.0.20 update/fix came out.